Find a way out with Eichi and Intellectual Properties

@@@The 21st century has launched with massive
efforts to improve economic efficiency.  
Globalization, IT innovations and liberalizations/
de-regulations are being accelerated at a speed we
have never experienced.

@@@For the companies to overcome this historic
turning point, differentiate themselves from the
competition and maintain and strengthen their
international competitiveness, the increasing
importance is recognized in strategic acquisition
and effective practices of rights of intellectual
properties in Japan and world-wide.

@@@Guiding you to the right direction in the
current of the times and in line with Japanfs
national IP strategy, we would be happy to help
you obtain and further maximize the value of your
IP portfolio as enterprise resources.

Eichi Patent & Trademark Corp.

CEO (Patent attorney) Koji IWASAKI


For more information, please contact us at e-mail:  inter@eichi-patent.jp